Our Treatment Options

Massachusetts Detox Services

Right Choice Health Group in Massachusetts is an addiction treatment clinic in MA that offers comprehensive support, addiction treatment, and Medication Assisted Treatment options for opioid and alcohol addiction. We are the proud providers of addiction treatment services in 9 convenient locations in Massachusetts. We provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and comprehensive addiction treatment services for adults, young adults and their families. Our programs have been proven effective in reducing the risk of relapse and promoting long-term recovery. Contact us to begin your recovery today!


Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of medications along with counseling and therapy to treat substance abuse. MAT is mainly used to treat opioid addictions (i.e. heroin and/or prescription drugs like OxyContin or Vicodin). Medications like buprenorphine are used in MAT to help normalize brain chemistry, block the effects of alcohol and/or opioids, relieve cravings, and stabilize body functions, making sobriety easier to maintain. All medications used are approved by the FDA, and every MAT program is tailored to the patient’s specific needs.


Addiction Treatment Services in Massachusetts

At Right Choice, our addiction treatment services and clinics in Massachusetts offer the most modern treatment for opioid dependence. Combining treatment with substance abuse counseling and medication-assisted treatment (MAT), you can expect the best result when treating opioids or any other addiction. Buprenorphine (i.e. Suboxone, sublocade) or Vivitrol injection is an FDA-approved treatment for opioid dependence.

If you became addicted to heroin, oxycodone, oxycontin, Percocet, tramadol, or any other forms of prescription painkillers you could be a candidate for treatment with Suboxone, sublocade, or Viivitrol. Please note, sublocade is FDA approved only for moderate to severe opioid use disorder. 

Asking for help is not a shame; we are here to help you to find the right treatment plan for you. Our friendly, cheerful, and judgment-free professional staff will answer your questions when you make the first call to inquire about your treatment.


Buprenorphine Detox

Right Choice Health Group Clinics with 9 clinic locations in Massachusetts offers Buprenorphine (brand name  Suboxone or Sublocade among others) and Vivitrol to treat opioid addiction. Buprenorphine can prevent or significantly reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings which makes it easier to stay off of dangerous opioids. Many patients stay on buprenorphine long-term, although some gradually reduce the dosage to come off it. If you are considering coming off of buprenorphine (suboxone) we recommend you to taper the dose under strict medical supervision. Your addiction medicine provider might recommend you to start non-opioid-based injectable naltrexone (Vivitrol) 10-14 days after stopping buprenorphine treatment. Continuation with MAT clinic follow-up and substance abuse therapy will help you prevent relapse and deadly overdose. 


Vivitrol Treatment

Vivitrol is an injectable naltrexone FDA approved for treating alcohol and opioid addiction. Vivitrol treatment is available at each of our addiction treatment centers in Massachusetts. VIVITROL is not an opioid or partial opioid, it blocks opioid receptors in the brain, which helps reduce cravings and prevent relapse. VIVITROL is non-addictive and extended-release,it only needs to be taken once a month. Before starting VIVITROL, you must be opioid-free for at least 7 days in order to avoid sudden opioid withdrawal symptoms. Unlike other opioids, methadone can stay in your system for a few weeks, which could put you on severe precipitated withdrawals if you get Vivitrol shot too early. If you are considering switching from methadone to Vivitrol treatment after tapering off of methadone we recommend you to wait for at least 12-14 days before receiving Vivitrol injection.   Our patient care team members in Massachusetts will assist you in your treatments every step of the way.