Finally a Dr. with a Team that Truly, Wholeheartedly CARES!

“I had my intake this morning!! From the first phone call to the minute I walked in, I felt like they cared & this was going to be home. An honest, fresh start with no judgment!! First site, a beautiful smile from Nicole, already knowing my name & having all my paperwork prepped and ready to go -very impressed!!
Nicole, showing she cared & being herself, my anxiety just faded away… Next came the Dr. Man, I was nervous. You know, the first meet and greet with a new doctor, ‘ooh nooo panic attack through the roof!’ HaHaHaHa Yeah, Right…

Dr. Faruk is an inspirational man from the start!! His positive ‘No Judgement’ honesty will change your life with each sentence spoken!! He has devoted his life practice to being the GREATEST in his field!!! The time I spent with Dr. Faruk truly changed my life!! He answered ALL and any questions I had, being very clear what we were going to do together to get my life back!! Wow!! I’m very impressed with Dr. Faruk!! Coming to an end, he said, “I don’t see you as a nobody like the rest of the world does when they see someone with an addiction problem, I see a GREAT man who has beaten a lot of heartache and tragedy to be here with me, ready to make the change!!” All I could do was smile!! Wow, finally a Dr. with a team that truly, wholeheartedly CARES!! Thank you again for taking the time to read!! Have a great day!! This is where you want to be!! Thank you Dr. Faruk & Nicole for everything today!! See you next time.” -Rome

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