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Right Choice Health Group Announces New Clinic Location in Framingham, Massachusetts


Right Choice Health Group Announces New Clinic Location in Framingham, Massachusetts, To Tackle Growing Addiction Problems

Dr. Omar Faruk and his team at Right Choice Health Group will be opening their 8th drug and addiction treatment center in Massachusetts to help confront the growing alcohol and drug abuse problem in the state

The Right Choice Health Group management is proud to announce a new clinic location (ribbon cutting) in Framingham, Massachusetts. The center will be opened officially on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. The new location means there are now 9 clinics in the US state of Massachusetts.

Right Choice clinic is established to provide support for US communities dealing with drug problems. Family and friends of people with drug and alcohol problems now have a place closer to their neighborhood to seek professional help.

The clinic is fully equipped with quality and caring staff, equipment, amenities, and resources to help anyone with addiction issues find solutions to their challenges and live a better and more fruitful life.

Dr. Omar Faruk, a seasoned medical professional and substance abuse expert, is the Right Choice Health Group founder. Over the past few years, he has worked with thousands of patients, helping them find a lasting solution to their addiction issues. The doctor is committed to a comprehensive and patient-centered care strategy with the best service, using the best quality methods.

Establishing new clinic locations closer to communities is one of Dr. Omar’s visions for a better society. He believes that when care facilities are closer to home, people are more likely to seek help, and families will find it easier to support their loved ones. More drug and addiction treatment centers also mean more space, staff, and facilities to confront the growing drug and alcohol addiction problems in the USA.

Right Choice Health Group is one of the most reliable and patient-oriented drug and addiction treatment organizations in the state of Massachusetts. They offer opioid treatment, alcohol treatment, pregnancy with addiction, medication-assisted treatment, and hepatitis C treatment. Patients also contact them for therapy programs for individuals, families, and people needing motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy.

All their treatment centers are managed by highly experienced, professional, and well-trained staff who genuinely care for the patients. They accept a long list of insurance providers and are always ready to provide help and support anytime they are called upon.

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Right Choice Health Group is a comprehensive drug abuse and addiction treatment center based in Massachusetts. The company has visionary and passionate leaders who ensure patient-centered treatment and solutions. They’re also committed to solving addiction problems at the community level.




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