Careers at Right Choice Health Group

We Treat Addiction with Compassion and Respect. We believe in human power with compassion, grit and girth. We hire characters, but we train the skills.


Welcome to Right Choice Health Group. We are a rapidly growing visionary organization with passion and the right goal. When millions of Americans are suffering from this chronic disease called addiction, somebody’s got to come forward and help these people to live a normal life again. We hire characters, but we train the skills. Right Choice Health Group employees are an array of dedicated and professional staff. The Treatment Team consists of Board Certified Physicians skilled in Addiction Medicine, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Substance Abuse Technicians, and numerous support and administrative staff. At our organization, we make sure we maintain all regulatory and quality compliances when it comes to patient care quality, safety, privacy, and medical providers’ compliances. 

Employees at Right Choice Health Group enjoy many benefits along with normal/healthy lifestyles compared to any other healthcare-related business because we value the balance between work and refreshing leisure time for our employees. We believe if we take care of our employees, our employees will take care of our customers, that is our patients. We are closed during most major holidays, nights, and weekends. Because of our rapid growth and potential, clinic locations are in many major cities across the country. Our employees will be able to apply for job relocation opportunities if necessary. 



We are an equal opportunity organization without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. We hire human force with character, drive, and grit. We train skills. Thank you for considering our visionary organization.