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We Treat Addiction as a Disease, Not a Choice

Our success is tied with patient’s success. We believe addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. Right Choice’s fight is our patient’s fight. We believe there should be no place for judgment or stigma when treating a person with addiction.

About Us

We are a patient-centered comprehensive addiction treatment program. Right Choice Health Group was founded in response to the national opioid and other drug addiction epidemic. Our judgment-free, patient-friendly centers are located throughout western and central Massachusetts. We will be launching a number of sites across the nation very soon to create easy access to our state-of-the-art medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to patients' own communities. Our success is tied with the patient's success. We believe addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. Right Choice’s fight is our patient’s fight. We believe there should be no place for judgment or stigma when treating a person with an addiction. Our patients make us work even harder and be a part of their life-long journey as a true guide of hope.


Our success is tied with patient’s success.

"I had my intake this morning!! From the first phone call to the minute I walked in I felt like they cared, and this was going to be home. An honest fresh start with no judgement!"


Amazing place! The best service makes you feel so comfortable! The receptionists Shelby and Cynthia are so sweet and nice! The doctor John is very welcoming and understanding to your needs. Thank you to all you guys at right choice!!!

Brittney Z.

This place offers outstanding care to its patients. I love how friendly Cynthia is, she is the best and really goes above and beyond what's necessary for her job to make you feel comfortable and at home. Cynthia is one of the main reasons why I choose to remain at Right Choice, you can tell that she is absolutely dedicated to her job, she's always cheerful and actually cares about the patients unlike some of the other suboxone clinics I've been to.

Future J.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Omar Faruk, MD | Board-certified in Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine

Dr. Omar Faruk is a double board-certified physician who has expertise in many areas of modern medicine: addiction medicine, functional medicine, autoimmune, anti-aging health trends, and more. Dr. Faruk is the founder and medical director of Right Choice Health Group, a leader in treating opioid and alcohol addiction. Dr. Omar Faruk is well known for his dedication and leadership in the medical community for many years. He is a proven leader with a caring heart in the field of addiction medicine. After completing an internal medicine residency at one of the most prestigious medical centers in the nation, Dr. Faruk started his medical career as a hospitalist physician at Mercy medical center in Springfield, MA. Very soon he was noticed by his peers and colleagues who nominated him for the physician of the year award. Later, he honorably served as the chief of the medicine department at Sisters of Providence Health Systems (SPHS). When he was serving as the chair of the peer review committee at Mercy Medical Center and Providence Behavioral Hospital, his main goal was to maintain and improve the quality of patient care at the whole SPHS system. During his service over seven years at Mercy Medical center, Dr. Faruk has noticed; there is a serious shortage in office-based addiction treatment. Due to his passion to treat patients with addiction, in 2009 he decided to leave his comfortable job and created many successful addiction treatment centers in the western and central Massachusetts area. In 2009 Dr. Faruk co-founded his first outpatient addiction treatment center called Total Wellness Centers; now a leading addiction treatment organization nationally. After leaving Total Wellness centers, Dr. Faruk created another very successful addiction treatment center in Massachusetts. After many successful ventures and experiences in treating thousands of patients with addiction, Dr.Faruk believes Right Choice Health Group is the most comprehensive and patient-centered organization with a vision of becoming the national leader in medication-assisted treatment for opioid and alcohol dependence. Within a very short period of time, under his leadership this visionary organization, Right Choice Health Group has already expanded into nine different locations in Massachusetts. Board-certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine; Dr. Omar Faruk has been interviewed by many newspapers, TV news and has spoken in many public events to fight for the patients, as he believes his patients should be referred to as ‘persons with addiction’ NOT an addict. To increase awareness for stopping stigmas and treating addiction he has created his own TV show called, ‘Dr.O’s Daily Dose‘.