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Let’s Fight Addiction Together


Right Choice Health Group is committed to providing ongoing addiction treatment throughout this health pandemic. We continue to put the needs of our patients first and are committed to providing addiction treatment to those who need it. COVID-19 is a new respiratory disease, caused by a novel (or new) coronavirus that has NOT previously been seen in humans.

If you have following symptoms please call us before heading to the clinic.



Medication-Assisted Treatment options are available now. 

Referral Hotline:
(413) 271-7136


Opioid Treatment

At Right Choice, we offer the most modern treatment for opioid dependence. Combining treatment with substance abuse counseling and MAT (Suboxone or Vivitrol), you can expect the best results

Alcohol Treatment

At Right Choice Health Group, we provide a variety of comprehensive treatment protocols. Medications such as Vivitrol™, Campral or Topiramate combined with effective behavioral therapies will provide the best outcome for you so you can get your life back

Pregnancy with Addiction

If you’re pregnant and using heroin, don’t stop taking it without getting treatment from your health care provider first. Quitting heroin suddenly (going cold turkey) can cause severe problems for your baby

Hepatitis C Treatment

Hep C is curable. At Right Choice Health Group, we offer a simple 8-12-week treatment for Hepatitis C. Our treatment program consists of 1 pill per day for 8-12 weeks with no significant side effects.

Switching from Methadone

Switching from methadone is a choice that many people have and It is best to SLOWLY reduce your therapeutic dose of Methadone to 30 mg a day or less for at least a week, before discontinuing it completely

Remote Location Treatment

When remote, Right Choice Health helps recovering addicts and alcoholics have a chance to focus on themselves, which is really the key ingredient in recovery. Even though it may sound best to stay close to your loved ones, you may find yourself focusing more on them than yourself.

Insurances We Accept:

What to Do if You're Seeking Addiction Treatment

Dr. Omar Faruk (aka Dr. O), Founder of Right Choice Health Group in Massachusetts explains the options for addiction treatment therapy.

Medication-assisted treatment is the use of anti-craving medicine such as naltrexone (Vivitrol), buprenorphine (Suboxone) or methadone — along with comprehensive therapy and support — to help address issues related to opioid dependence, including withdrawal, cravings and relapse prevention. Evidenced-based treatment approaches like this are often needed to successfully overcome addiction and maintain long-term recovery.

Patient Testimonials

“Right Choice is one of the only offices helping our community overcome our addiction epidemic in MA, with caring and polite staff and a great structure for patients, this office is by fare one of the best offering help. I will continue to refer clients and loved ones to this facility.”
"This place really makes you feel like home if you feel like you are being treated differently just speak and everyone in the group will make everything in their power to make you feel like home Everyone from the team receptionist Doctors and The CEO himself calls to make sure the clinic is running on the line . I am a patient of PTSD Bipolar Psychosis, Schizophrenia and been medicated for years and the team really knows how to take care of every situation. Thanks allot and will recommend anyone I know to come here to Right Choice."
"I love Dr. Faruk and the staff over at Liberty St Right Choice. They're very knowledgeable and helpful. And they have ALWAYS treated me like a human being, not a 'drug addict'. If you are someone who is struggling with drugs and alcohol, Please give Right Choice a call TODAY, they saved my life- And can most definitely do the same for you!"

Treatment Begins with Hope and Trust

Our highly trained professionals at Right Choice Health Group understand what you and your loved ones are going through. This disease is called addiction and there’s hope for recovery. Addiction must be treated with dignity and respect. 

Our caring staff are friendly, non judgmental and ready to help you with this journey now. Our priorities are confidentiality, privacy, cleanliness and taking care of you in a timely manner.