Hepatitis C Treatment

Integrated Hepatitis C Treatment

Chronic hepatitis C is a curable disease. We offer a simple 8-12-week Hepatitis C treatment for patients enrolled in our drug treatment program. This treatment program consists of once-a-day oral dosing for 8-12 weeks with no significant side effects.

Treatment of chronic hepatitis C is much easier than a few years ago. Many patients are being cured with only 8-12-weeks of once-a-day dose.

Researchers have recently made significant advances in treatment for hepatitis C using new, “direct-acting” antiviral medications, sometimes in combination with existing ones. As a result, people experience better outcomes, fewer side effects, and shorter treatment times — some as short as eight weeks. The choice of medications and length of treatment depend on the hepatitis C genotype, presence of existing liver damage, other medical conditions, and prior treatments. Most of the genotypes are treated with the same medication now.

HCV Medications and Hepatitis C Treatment

Right Choice Health Clinics are committed to helping eliminate Hepatitis C in the state of Massachusetts. We are accepting new patients daily and open to seeing all patients who are currently struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs. Once patients are admitted to our MAT program we can treat hepatitis C as an integrated hepatitis C treatment program offered by Right Choice Health Group.

Hepatitis C Treatment

The good news is that Hepatitis C is now curable. If Hepatitis C is not treated, it can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer, reducing life expectancy significantly. We provide a simple 8-12-week treatment for our enrolled patients with Hepatitis C using FDA-approved medications at Right Choice Health Group. Our treatment plan consists of one pill per day for eight to twelve weeks, with no significant side effects.

If you believe you have a drug or alcohol addiction as well as hepatitis C and would like to be evaluated for hepatitis C treatment, please call us and make an appointment for your MAT visit first to meet with one of our addiction medicine specialists who can also help treat you for hepatitis C.